Using a Crate

Crate training is a positive way to train your dog. It helps with more than just containing your pet.

Think about it, these are den animals. If you watch a new puppy that is looking for a place to nap, they go under a coffee table, kitchen table or maybe behind a chair. They like to have something over their heads or be out of the line of traffic in your home. A create is the answer. When puppies are ready for a nap, place them in a crate with some toys or a pillow. If they fuss some just let them know that things are alright and let them sleep.

During the day

Using a crate will develop trust between you and your dog. They will trust that you always will come back to them. It can help with housebreaking also. After the puppy eats or sleeps they will be ready to go outside.

A create also will keep them safe while you are out — not to mention keeping the house safe as well!

Use the crate in the daytime in a busy room of the house, such as the kitchen or family room. Leave the door open and, before you know it, they will be napping in their crate without your insisting.

Feeding in the crate while you are eating will discourage any begging at the table (or children being tempted to feed them from the table). Remember that the crate is for the dog, not the children. It is not for to be used as punishment, but rather, it is a safe haven for our friends.

Your vet, groomer, and kennel will appreciate your dog being comfortable with a crate. At some time in their life they will have to go to the vet, groomer, or kennel. This in itself is stressful, but knowing a crate as a safe place will help lower the stress level.

At night

Use your crate in the bedroom at night. They rest better knowing you are close, hearing you breathe.

It is not JAIL, it is a wonderful training tool. Be strong and use it!