Older Shana Dogs

We occasionally have older puppies or dogs that we place in a home. As our dogs reach the end of their show career or their breeding program, we find it necessary to let them go to other homes. This is a hard decision as we love our dogs. You can understand that we can't keep everything. Some of these dogs are older pups that we held back for showing and they just haven't matured the way we had hoped, so we have to let them go. Not all are free, as they are usually crate-trained, housebroken and socialized. Each one is different, depending on age and status. Some of our dogs have to go to a home with other dogs, some have to be an only dog—you get the picture. If you have any other questions, please contact me. We will post pictures of dogs we have for adoption.

At this time we have:

We have no older dogs for adoption at this time.