Keep them on schedule

Because puppies are creatures of habit, schedules are very important. You need to schedule when to feed, water, exercise and take your puppy/dog outdoors to eliminate. You will want to get your new friend housebroken very quickly; and, without a schedule, housebreaking can be a very long, drawn-out ordeal.

If you know when he ate and filled his bladder up with water you will have a pretty good idea when your puppy will need to be taken outdoors to eliminate. You will be training his digestive system as well, which will help take some of the guesswork out of housebreaking. Remember preventive training — it's always best to be thinking ahead.

Take your dog outside when you think he might have to eliminate, rather than wait too long and run the risk of your puppy/dog having an accident indoors. The more times your puppy/dog eliminates outdoors where you want him to, the less chance for him to have an accident indoors. The clearer the picture to the dog/puppy, the quicker they will catch on to what you want from them. They really want to please you, and you can show them how to do it.

Stay with your dog

Always accompany your puppy/dog outdoors. That way, you can take him to a pre-selected area in your yard to eliminate in, therefore doing away with the habit of smelling the whole yard to find the desired area to eliminate. You will also be assured that your puppy/dog has eliminated before bringing him indoors, and you can praise him.

Using a crate will also help in teaching your puppy when to eliminate.

Praise, praise, praise

Use common sense while training your puppy/dog. Always re-enforce what you want by praise. We have often had people hang bells on the desired door, and when they sniff the bells and ring them, they would be taken out and praised for doing their business outside. Very quickly they learn to ring and go out!!

Now when they get as smart as Henrietta Miller… She rings the bell when others have toys or bones that she wants. Then, when the bell rings, and everyone goes outside (except for Henrietta), and she grabs the toy!!!