Shana's Foster Program

We are offering a "Foster Program" for people that may like to have a dog or puppy that we are planning on showing and possibly breeding at a later time. In our 26 years of breeding we have come in contacted with many wonderful families. Some of these families have been kind enough to take some of our dogs and love them and treat them as their own, but when it is time for showing, breeding, or training, they either bring them to us or meet part way to exchange them for another dog or give them back to us for the weekend. This program can only work if both parties understand why we do this. The main reason is that as we grow as breeders, we find it impossible to keep every show dog we produce. Some dogs just need a family of their own. At times we have had dogs that just do not get along. Too many bosses! We want our dogs to be happy. So when this happens we foster them into wonderful homes for others to enjoy. This certainly doesn't mean we don't love or care about them, but it gives others a chance to love these animals and possibly get to keep the dog when we are done showing or breeding this particular dog.

Every dog may be different, but mostly we ask you to house, feed and take care of this dog just as if he was yours. If you can groom the dog for show and that is what we need, then great! If you can't, then we figure out how to get the dog back and forth between us so we can groom the dog. So you see, it has to be a partnership. A commitment between both parties. A partnership. We help one another. If there is special testing done on the dog, we will assume that cost; otherwise you are responsible for yearly shots and medical attention. When we are finished with our showing or breeding, you can keep the dog or send him back. Please contact us if you have questions. We will post pictures of dogs when available.

Available now:

We have no dogs to foster at this time.