Feed a premium dog food

We have been breeding dogs for 37 years. I am suggesting that you feed a premium dog food — Blue Buffalo, Royal Canine, Canadae. All foods are not created equal. Please check the bag's ingredients. The first 3 to 5 ingredients should be meat. Fillers and grains are used to fill up your dog, but then you find yourself cleaning up more. Proteins are digested into the dog's system and used by the body. I've been able to see what RAW food does for my dogs also. I feed the morning meal of RAW meat and all natural kibble at the evening meal. I get our raw food from www.blueridgebeef.com.

Dogs need a routine

We believe feeding on a schedule is best. When feeding your dog, give him about 5 to 10 minutes to eat and then pick up the dish. Give NO MORE until the next feeding. Food and bowl are put away until the next scheduled feeding. This method of feeding will:

  • Teach your dog to eat
  • Help in housebreaking
  • Help in the bonding process with you

TIP: If you have multiple dogs, feed them in their individual crates.

Measure your dog's food

We recommend that you measure the food so you know exactly what your dog is eating. A well-balanced diet provides everything your pet needs. Treats now and again are fine, but remember it is like feeding extra food. I recommend that you break up dog bones or give low-cal biscuits. Biscuits are filled with extra goodies (and calories) to make them taste better.

NO Free Feeding.

Free feeding is simply filling up a bowl and letting the dogs eat when they feel like it. How can this be a problem?

  • It teaches your dog to be a picky eater.
  • Over-feeding happens more easily.
  • Food may become rancid while sitting out all day.
  • Housebreaking becomes a problem.
  • We suggest that you use a metal bowl for your dog's food. They are less likely to chew it. Plastic holds the germs and some dogs don't stop at just the food!


Don't let your dog become overweight! If you have known me for any period of time, you will know that one of the things that sets me off is seeing one of our dogs OVERWEIGHT!! It is so unhealthy! Stop and think what you are doing to your best friend.

An overweight pet can cost you more in several ways:

  • At the vet's, any kind of surgery is far more costly on a heavier dog
  • Higher dosages mean that medications are at a higher cost when your dog is overweight.
  • Even your groomer charges you more to hoist that critter up on the table!!!
  • The lifespan, and quality of life, of your dog may well be diminished.

There are many low-cal dog foods and treats out there so you don't have to feel guilty about occasional treats. You can try rinsing off a can of green beans and adding that to their food for more bulk. Remember it is you who controls what they eat!


Daily exercise is also very important. Spaying and neutering does change their metabolism, so you need to adjust your feeding and exercise according to your dog.