Shana Standard Schnauzers

So you're thinking of adding a new member to your family. Let's see if we can help. Our first standard schnauzer came into our home in 1987. Her name was Am Can Ch Centara's DeLaine. "Lana" for short. She was the beginning for us, the start of something very special. Her legacy continues to touch many hearts as we continue to grow.

Besides being treasured family members, we choose to go beyond and excel in the conformation ring, obedience, agility. Lots of our dogs are also registered therapy dogs and work with the sick and elderly. They can do anything you want them to do!

Our breeding program is simple: we do our best to produce sound, healthy dogs.

Let me tell you these are extremely intelligent creatures. They want and need to be with you. This is not a breed that can be ignored. Standards are active and love a challenge. They need guidance and assurance as they mature. Think of them as "gifted children" in fur coats. They are amazing animals and we are willing to share them with you.

We breed for ourselves hoping to keep something for the next year to show. To produce the "Best" you have to breed the "Best" and that's what we do here at Shana schnauzers.

Please tour our site and enjoy yourself! Be sure to visit our New Friends page for more pictures like these:

IMG_5559_Family_w_New_Puppy.jpg IMG_5579_Pup_Dog_Mom_Girls.jpg IMG_5744.jpg

This is what it is all about! Weekends can be exciting
when new puppy owners come to get their pups!

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