This -N- That

This page is just a page for information, stories and anything that comes to mind (my own experiences and opinions) as I continue my adventure as a Standard Schnauzer breeder. This is page is meant to educate as well as entertain you. Hope you enjoy!

  • If you own a Standard Schnauzer you will understand why they are referred to as the dog with the human brain…if you do not, you may want to think about that for a moment.
  • Did you know that it is proper to provide your breeder with a copy of your show pictures?
  • Giving your dogs an all over bath in extra warm water will help loosen undercoat and promote new hard coat to grow. Keep raking and pulling undercoat. Do once a week if you are trying to get a dog in coat in a hurry.
  • When looking to buy a puppy, call several breeders and then stick with one until they have the right puppy for you. Bouncing from one breeder to another can only cause you to lose your chance to get a puppy. Ask lots of question of the breeder and expect to be ask lots of question by the breeder.
  • Puppies are like bringing home another new baby to your family. If you have very young children, is this what you really want to do right now?
  • I've often heard a loud crash and run into the room to find a group of bearded angels sitting around just looking as if to say “What's wrong, Mom?” Have you ever seen a bearded angel?
  • Do you know that your dog's coat grows longer in the summer and thicker in the winter?
  • Grooming should still take place in the winter months, even if you choose to let the coat grow longer. Remember that toenails and ears need to be looked after. Grooming also is a time when you can check your dog all over. Many times as a groomer I have found lumps or things that the owner has missed.
  • All Standard Schnauzers need a job…so find them something to do! Or they will, and you might not like it!
  • Take your puppy to obedience classes. The first one is for you and the second one is for them.
  • Don't close your eyes to a problem. Face it, deal with it, correct it, and get over it. Move on, or it will only get worse. It will NOT go away. Don't make excuses for it. Don't blame your breeder, the neighbor, or the dog; most of the time it's your fault!
  • In your dog's eyes you are perfect.
  • What you teach your dog in the first year of his life will mold him forever.
  • A dog is forever.
  • When you take your dog outside your home, you're a walking billboard for your breeder. Please be kind and make your breeder proud. Make sure your dog is clean and properly groomed.
  • Who is the pack leader at your house?
  • When shampooing your dog, make sure all shampoo is rinsed out to prevent drying the skin.
  • Crates are useful tools and should not be used for punishment.
  • Kids should be taught to respect animals as well, and the dogs should know their limits around kids.
  • Dogs just seem to know when you've had a bad day and they want to make it better.
  • Dogs need rules.
  • The best medicine for losing your best friend is to get another one.
  • Have you kissed your schnauzers today?
  • Don't open your eyes in the morning or you will have schnauzers in your face!
  • Don't take your keys out of your purse while still in the house, you will NOT make it to the door!
  • Chances are, if you call and the first thing you ask is “How much are your puppies?” you won't get one.
  • Buying two puppies at the same time may make them happy, but it sure will make you miserable. Get control over one first and then about a year later get another one. If a breeder is willing to sell you two at a time, this may be a RED FLAG.
  • Whoever is out there using a harness on their dog is just avoiding teaching them how to walk properly. All a harness does is teach your dog to pull! However, if you're into bodybuilding, that pulling dog is great for building muscles!
  • Dogs do not think like people.
  • Having a Standard Schnauzer is great. Having a Shana Standard Schnauzer is a privilege.
  • If you have had a bad day, your best friend already knows.
  • Keeping your dog's weight in check will add years to his life.
  • Don't take chances by wearing a collar on your puppy while in a crate.
  • If showing your dog, wearing a collar 24 x7 will only put a ring around his neck and make showing more difficult. Try only putting the collar on when going out. I only wear collars when away from our house.
  • Microchipping your dog is a safe easy way to have permanent ID. Many shows offer this service — or ask your vet.
  • Doing OFA (hips) and CERF (eyes) is a smart thing to do for your dog. You don't have to be breeding or showing to have this done. There is more information on our Health of the Breed page. Ask your breeder about it.

Stories to make your day!

These are stories that have happened to me or friends of mine and we would like to share. A schnauzer a day will keep you laughing!

Stuffing anyone?

My friend Sue was trying to talk her husband Randy into building onto their home and getting more dogs, so since we had just added a room onto our house and had dogs, she thought it may be nice to have him come and see what we had done. Well, I was very happy to share our new room with them. As we walked into the house, we all gasped at the site in front of the three of us! In the 10 minutes that it took to get in from the car, our dogs had eaten the whole side of the couch and had the stuffing all over the room! They looked at us like we were invading their privacy. The shock of it! It looked as if it had snowed and the "snow" was everywhere – even in their beards – but they all had that look on their faces as if to say, "WHAT?????" I don't think Randy ever came back, and I know he did not add a room on!!

All I wanted was clean dogs!

Years ago I groomed in our basement. It was a rainy day and all the dogs were muddy, so I decided to bathe and groom all of them. I clippered, stripped hair, and bathed Andrew first. He looked stunning when I was finished. Off the table, Andrew pranced all around as he knew he was beautiful. On to Albert, same thing. As it poured outside and I groomed one after the other. Dirty dogs in crates, clean dogs upstairs. As they barked, I realized that it sounded like they were outside??? "That can't be possible," I thought! Standards being very smart as you know, I went upstairs to see what they were barking about. Well, Andrew could open our sliding glass door and, lo and behold, as I finished working on one dog after another they were out running and playing in the mud and rain, as they were finished being goomed! Mud all over them and my house! I just sat down and cried!

Party time!

At the wine county dog show circut in New York, camping with friends, having a great time. We had bought these monster strombolis for everyone to share. They were huge! Enough to feed an army! I put them into the motorhome up on top of the stove as we waited for some last-minute friends to arrive. I sent Louie in to get them. He yelled out the door, "Where are they?" I said, "On the stove." "No, they aren't." "Yes, they are." "Where?" "On the stove." "Are you sure?" "Yes!" "You come get them" "Ok." It wasn't that Louie couldn't see or find them. It was that they weren't there! Sitting on the couch looking very smug were our Lucille and Andrew. They had eaten every bite of the monster strombolis that would feed the army!!!