A Growing Family

May 30, 2016 – Long time friend Lisa Bizzaro came to visit. Lisa and her family have had “Shana” dogs for as long as I can remember. Their kids Michael and Brianne were small when they came to our home in Pa. They had Boomer and now still at 12 yrs old, Louie.

Now Louie has a new friend, Maddie, who is a beautiful little girl from a good friend, Nora. Nora has been very ill and was hospitalized for almost a year. Now Nora is in rehab, soon to come home, and is unable to care for Maddie. As friends and fellow breeders, we all love and want the best for our dogs and guess what? Now the Bizzaro family has another best friend!

Maddie_5366.jpg Maddie_5521.jpg Maddie_5581