The Black Schnauzer

Black Standard Schnauzers Before 1950
by Helen Boynton
March 25, 2013 at 4:38pm

The black Standard Schnauzer of today is looked upon as a sort of rarity. However, the blacks are so basic to the development of the breed in this country that it is almost impossible to find a winning salt and pepper of predominantly American breeding that does not go back, and not too remotely, to a black ancestor. The blacks, then, have a definite value in the Standard Schnauzer breeding program, and for this reason it might be well to briefly trace their early history.

During the 1930's, Chicago was the center of Standard Schnauzer activities. A group of breeders imported a number of blacks, among them Bubi v Torpedostadt and the black Sieger, Edel v.d. Gunthersberg-Main. To quote the late Myrtle Falcon Cooper (Von Lustueru), they "sterilized" the black color by breeding black to salt and pepper through six generations. Black to black produced a merled or brownish-black color. Until we started breeding blacks ourselves, I used to wonder what she meant! One of the first successful American-bred black studs was Rango of Mertray, a son of Bubi. His Salt and Pepper grandson, Ch. Rab of Mertray, was a notable sire and winner in his time (particularly noted for coat and color), and comes down to the present through Fredericka, C.D., and through his daughter, Ch. Flikka v. Furstenhof. Bubi's black daughter, Chubb v. Torpedostadt, produced Brock v Lubich, the first black champion, and one of the true foundation sires of the breed because of his amazing ability to sire quality brood bitches. His black daughter Sophie v Hessen, bred to Ch. Nickel St. Gallus, produced, among others, Angel of Thimble Farm, the dam of Ch. Chief of Staff and Ch. Fritz of Williams, U.D., literally becoming the great-grandam of all West Coast Schnauzerdom!

In addition to his excellent type and confirmation, and his prepotence as a sire, Brock was really remarkable for his great intelligence and wonderful personality. His original owner was an outstanding dog trainer, and I have heard Brock referred to as a circus dog. At one time when I was keeping such records, I found that he was behind more than 75% of the obedience degree holders in the breed! Brock finished in 1935, after a show career that must have been interesting, to say the least, as he was awarded Best of Breed (without competition) in two breeds besides his own.

The second black champion, also a male, finished in 1937. This was Schwartzer Uhlan v Hessen, by the black import Wacht v. Adless Kopf, ex the notable producer, Brenna -- thus, he was a full brother to Meta v Hessen, the dam of Sophie v Hessen. This dog was evidently another rugged individualist. He was lost, and eventually recovered months later, running with a pack of semi-wild dogs near the Chicago stockyards. None the worse except for the loss of his furnishings, he was soon back in competition and quickly finished. While he could not compare with Brock as a sire, his name can still be found in a few pedigrees.

The third black male champion finished in 1941. He was Ch. Winalesby Wadset of Wanango, by Brock ex Ch. Winalesby Heidi of Wanango, the dam of six champions. His full sister, Inko of Wanango, U.D., was the second in the breed to win the highest obedience degree. Wadset was one of the regular studs at Winalesby, and his salt and pepper son, Ch. Winalesby Brynnulf, sired seven champions in California, including Mr. Chips of Carobeno, U.D., the first Utility Dog-Champion in the breed.

The final black champion, and only lady, is Ch. Bete Noir, who finished in California in 1942. She was a full sister to Angel of Thimble Farm. I have no record of her progeny, if she had any.

After World War II, the blacks went into oblivion, as the breeders who had developed and championed them were either dead or had discontinued their breeding activities. Without their knowledge and experience, to say nothing of the breeding stock, those of us who have come to love the blacks are again in the position of pioneers. The variety has been revived by two importations in the 1950's -- Udo von Basalteck, owned by the Patundlis Kennels; and his three-quarter sister, Sula von Baslateck, owned by Von Volken Kennels. Since the Von Basalteck Kennels produced at that time the finest blacks in the world, no finer foundation would be possible.

Notes from Mrs. Atkinson scrapbooks: November, 1935 - Ch. Brock v. Lubich, which finished at South Bend, Ind., in an entry of 10, is reported to be the first all black Standard champion. (Second - Schwartzer Uhlan v. Hessen.)

Clarification of descriptions of below pictures by me, not my mom: Sometimes, dogs go back to Bubi separately from Brock. Sometimes, they also go back to Bubi through Brock. I just don't know the correct way to write it. I tried to show they go back to Bubi with and without Brock.

Ch. Brock v Lubich pictured at age 10 in 1943.

Ranger of Wanango, a son of Brock.

Ranger's son, Cayatano of Wanango.

Cayatano of Wanango.

Mr. Lamberton (Wanango) thought Cayatano was the finest black he had seen.

A Brock grandson of Helen's, Winalesby Hardanger.

She didn't keep him. Unfortunately, he was eventually exported to Chile. So, his genes were lost to Helen.

Angel Angel
Angel of Thimble Farm Circa 1941.

Dam of Ch. Chief of Staff and Fritz of Williams, U.D. Born in 1940. Photo taken by Johanna Heim when Angel was one years old and untrimmed. “Angel is the feminine version of Fritz of Williams, almost to a T. She has a better top line; does not slope off to the tail. Her spryness and condition belie her ten years, and her son Wings (litter brother to Chief) also looks about 4 or 6 instead of his age. Their coats are very rough, eyes medium brown; and the best thing about them is their cobbiness. I would say that Angel, properly groomed, could easily get her title today. She is about 18" and as square and sassy as can be. She looks pop-eyed in this picture - I think she was glaring at the photographer. She has an inconspicuous eye like Fritz. She does have a lovely flat skull, which you would never guess.” Mary Nelson - May, 1950

Description reads, “Angel of Thimble Farms. This is a very uncomplimentary photo taken at 1 yr. She is now 10 years and is as young looking as her son Fritz of Williams and a very handsome lady indeed. I had this made for you when I got my copy from Mrs. Tayler's picture.”

Fritz Fritz
Ch. Fritz of Williams, U.D.

Ch. Chief of Staff.

Pictured August 24, 1947 — photo taken by B. B. Berman. The following is an excerpt from a letter written by Mr. Berman dated September 9, 1947, enclosing Chief's picture and the one of Chief and Beau below: “Chief has defeated every Schnauzer he has ever met in the ring, and placed over the few that defeated him. Beau is the result of Chief and his full sister (Grey Lady) and is the most intense Nickel St. Gallus line-bred dog out today. He is the most typical dog I have ever owned, darkest eye, shortest body, and real harsh silver grey coat. Both dogs are sound in temperament. I have very high hopes for Beau as a producer. He is already proven.”

Chief of Staff and his son Ch. BBB's Beau Brummel, July, 1946.

Chief and Beau's Description written in B.B.B.'s hand.

(Mrs. Boyce, Sybil Walters, B. Bobby Berman, Mary Nelson, Mrs. Atkinson, and Rae Constable were the most influential Schnauzer people Mom first met.)

Best of Winners - Major Pfeffer.

Southern California Standard Schnauzer Club Specialty 45th All Breed Dog Show, Los Angeles Kennel Club May 1, 1949, Gilmore Stadium, Los Angeles. Best of Winners - Major Pfeffer, W-108,275, born June 10, 1948, by Ch. Chief of Staff ex Flicka of Wolftrent, Breeder John S. Page. Shown with Judge Joseph G. Quirk and Marshall Barth. Owner, Mary C. Nelson. Major Pfeffer died September, 1955.

Ch. B.B.B.'s Baghdad By The Bay by Ch. Major Pfeffer.

Ex Ch. B.B.B.'s Bay Gell, both by Ch. Chief of Staff. Shown at 8 months of age taking Best in Show at the Sacramento Dog Fanciers' Puppy Match, May 20, 1951, with 235 pups entered. Best of Breed and second in Group at Eden and Sacramento Shows, Fall 1951. At Sacramento he placed over the Boxer, Ch. Monarch's Ego.

Three Litter Sisters.

Pictured January 19, 1954, by Ch. B.B.B.'s Baghdad By The Bay. Left to Right - Ch. Burkuhl Beautiful Bazaba; Ch. Bobuberm Bussy, C.D, with Pat Dankewerth (Rick N' Pat's) and Ch. Relda's Curtain Raiser.

Summer Stock
Ch. Relda's Summer Stock.

By Ch. Pfeffer's Pied Piper (by Ch. Major Pfeffer) ex Ch. Relda's Curtain Raiser.

Stone Pine Frisco
Ch. Stone Pine Frisco.

Sired by Ch. B.B.B.'s Baghdad By The Bay out of Gretchen von Volken.

Rogue and Cito
Royal Rogue and Cito.

On the left is Ch. Rick N' Pat's Royal Rogue, which dam was Ch. Bobuberm Bussy, C.D. On the right is Ch. Cito von Volken, which goes back to Ch. Brock von Lubich through Ch. Murray Reital von Volken and Bubi v Torpedostad through Fredericka, C.D.

“Handsome” Ch. Winalesby Brynnulf.

Sired by Ch. Winalesby Wadset of Wanango, by Brock v Lubich. Pictured at ten years of age. Handsome sired Ch. Mr. Chips of Carobeno, U.D., the first Utility Dog-Champion in the breed.

Ch. Hoosier von Hussar.

Sired by Ch. Kinshaun Costello, UD, he being out of Valerie von Volken, goes back to Bubi v Torpedostadt through Fredericka, C.D., and Brock v Lubich through Ch. Fritz of Williams, U.D. He was the SSCA 1962 Best of Winners to his sire's Best of Breed. I think he looks like his great-grandmother Heidi (Fritz of Williams x Pfeffi von Volken).

Ch. Honor von Volken.

Cape Cod KC, August 14, 1965. Pictured with two great Breeder/Exhibitors Mary Nelson Stephenson, of Major Pfeffer fame, and Mary Schofield, Uhlan Standard Schnauzers. Honor was the then top-winning SS bitch, a National Specialty Best of Breed winner, and 5-times SS of the Year, Best Opposite Sex. Her sister, Ch. Honey von Volken, was an excellent producer, which descendants are found in pedigrees worldwide. Honor and Honey go back to Brock 4 times and 4 times to Bubi v Torpedostadt.

Fredericka and puppy
Fredericka and puppy.

I love this picture. Cloudmarch, late 1940's.

Fredericka and kids
Fredericka with Lambie and Brunie.

Fredericka, left, with two of her kids, Lambie and Brunie. I love these old pictures taken by Mom showing how pretty Ricka was. Cloudmarch late 1940s.

Cito rocked!

He was very playful with us kids. We are both 12 years old in this picture.


Cito always looks like a black blob in his pictures. I just happen to think his pictures are gorgeous and am sharing as I see people are looking at this Note. Cito! I think Mom was a very good Schnauzer photographer. Later 1960s in Foxboro.

Cito Once More.

Cito photo taken by Pat Korn in the driveway. I remember this day. Pat had to really talk my mom into letting her take pictures. Some of the pictures show then young Hilly and Drew playing with a big ball in the background.

Rogue and Gusto
Rogue and Gusto.

By Cito and sire of Ilysa, Indi, Ingrid, Honey & Honor von Volken, among others.